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February 22, 23, 24

Robothon Starts in

College of Engineering Chengannur


The challenge of this hackathon is that each participating team(consisting of 1-5 members) must design, fabricate and program a robot within a 24 hour time period. The main goal of Robothon 5.0 is to offer a platform for robotic enthusiasts to showcase their talent and acquire new skills. Furthermore, we also believe that the intriguing backdrop of a hackathon will give birth to a few prompt and ingenious ideas.

Unleash the power of Golems!!! Here comes Robothon V5!! Continue glavanizing the next generation of innovators with your bots. At the dawn of 2k19, we are unveiling new roads to the plethora of opportunities and innovations in the world of artificial intelligence towards the greater good of our species!! Be recognized @ the technical extravaganza of IEEE SB CEC. And, you may invent the next super amazing thing that changes our world! Want a chance at this awesome opportunity?

Theme - Robots for Humanity

     If you look at the field of robotics today, you can say robots have been in the deepest oceans, they've been to Mars,you know? They've been all these places but they're just now starting to come into your living room. Your living room is the final frontier for robotics     

- Cynthia Breazeal
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Brainstorm and find out the most outrageous ideas that can be implemented on the general theme.


Give form to your idea in code and metal and implement your idea by making a robot of your own..


Optimize your creation, perfect it and make it feasible subjecting it to constraints of the real world..

  Attractive Prizes Await You  

First Prize  

  •  30,000

Second Prize  

  •  15,000

Third Prize  

  •  5,000

Internship opportunities are offered for the best participants!

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Envision your bot


Articulate your ideas on a piece of paper


Fashion a structure/frame for your bot


Develop the code


Run, test, debug


Showcase your work and win exciting prizes

Grab Your Chance To Beat The Best!

  • Register for Robothon 5.0 and throw yourself into an enticing race in grey , that will undoubtedly leave you richer for the experience. Early bird registration fee details (per head) are given below.
    This is a team event , Register as a team of 1-5 members

  • IEEE RAS Members

    ₹ 650

  • IEEE Members

    ₹ 750

  • Non-IEEE Members

    ₹ 950

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Robothon 4.0 at a Glance

Robothon 3.0 On Media

Robothon, the flagship 24 hour robotic hackathon of IEEE Student Branch, College of Engineering, Chengannur, the first ever of its kind in the nation was a huge success over its past 2 editions as it gave the robotic enthusiasts from around Kerala and beyond a platform to flaunt their skills. Robothon has seen a significant rise in the number of participants over the years and a good number of presented projects have gone on to achieve media coverage and what not! Take a flashback into the competition the past year and stay posted for a bigger and better - Robothon 5.0

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  •      I'm very glad to be part of this event as an advisor. Robothon is a first of its kind event and I'm really excited to watch how it turns out. Let new events come up and new benchmarks be set. I wish the CEC team all the very best.     

    Arjun R Pillai - MGA Awards and Recognition Committe Member
  •     On behalf of the RAS Student Activities Committee, I would like to express our excitement in hearing about the CEC chapter's Robothon. Active chapters and local events are part of what make RAS valuable to our members, and Robothon is sure to be a one.     

    Lauren Miller - RAS Student Activities Committee Chair (2015)
  •     Robotics is fast becoming the hottest industry to work in. I'm very proud and happy to say that the IEEE RAS Chapter at CEC has been the launchpad into my career. Robothon will be another treat to students who want to get hands-on and develop their interest in Robotics.     

    Aswin Shibu Abraham - Chairperson, IEEE INDIA SAC

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